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So, you’re getting married? Well, this is definitely going to be one of the most exciting times in your life and will without a doubt, be the biggest party you will ever throw.  


As you begin this journey you will very quickly learn that planning your wedding can either be the most thrilling or overwhelming experience you go through as a couple. From the guest list to the venue and flowers, there’ll be so many decisions to be made so why risk going in blind? 


Our ‘Plan Your Wedding Like A Pro!' ebook will allow us to help take the guess work out for you and will guide you through each stage of the planning process.  With our experience, knowledge, and advice you will learn everything you need to know from managing your budget to choosing your vendors and everything in between. Right down to ensuring it all runs smoothly on the day. 


We might be biased but in our opinion, this is the best resource you can have when planning your own wedding. We have spent months consolidating the information that we usually give to our clients, so you are equipped with all the tools required to make sure you have the perfect wedding planning journey.  


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60+ Jam packed pages of honest, straightforward information

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A full planning timeline based on real NZ weddings

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A comprehensive list of our fave vendors 

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Editable vendor details and run sheet forms

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Pro Tips on the best way to make those hard decisions

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Working with vendors and what you need to know

.....and much much more!!


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'Woah, I never expected this! I mean I knew that it would be good as I've been following your weddings on social media for months, but the amount of information you have given me is incredible!' 

'This is simply stunning! From reading through you can see that a lot of heart and expertise have been poured into this and the result is an informative, polished and elegant document covering everything you could need to know!'

'I really enjoyed how honest it feels, you're straight into the good advice without any wishy-washy which is great. It's all so honest and true. I've also had a chuckle at some of the things you've said cos they're just so true and you're not afraid to say it how it is. I love how tailored to NZ you've made it, especially with the examples. There's a lot of random info out there on google, but it's not relevant to NZ so this is great. The cost-saving tips are excellent because again they are so true.'

'GAME CHANGER! This ebook is literally a life saver and I cant belive how practical it all is. You've broken down exactly what I need to know in the order I need to know it and made it all so easy!'

'I was a little skeptical going in as I wondered how much information you would honestly share but I can unequivocally say that is is probably the best $99 I've ever spent in my entire life!'