If you have a specific area of your business that you’re struggling with, we offer a 90-minute ‘Strategy Session’ that can be booked with a click of the mouse! You’ll have instant access to our availability and can choose your session on a day that is most convenient to you. During your session, we will pick 1-2 topics to strategise together on, and conclude the session with an action list so that you can get started on making changes immediately.

90 Minute session - $319 + gst

If you are wanting to make a big impact in your business then investing in our long term mentoring is exactly what you need to do. Our 3 month option is broken down into 6 fortnightly sessions and will include a business roadmap that is personalised to your goals and struggles.Payment plans are available on asking.

6 x 90 Minute sessions - $1897 + gst


Our 6 month mentoring option is broken down into 12 sessions with our focus being on the below topics.


1. Business Plan 2. Brand Evaluation 3. Marketing and Social

4. Pricing, Services and Sales 5. Systems and Processes

6. Client Experience


At the end of the 6 months you will have a renewed energy and know exactly what you need to be doing to achieve in your business. Payment plans are available on asking.

12 x 90 Minute sessions - $3697 + gst


If you find yourself wondering why you aren't getting enough enquiries or why the enquiries you are getting aren't your ideal client, it may be that your website is hurting your business rather than helping it.


Once we have completed your website review, we will offer you ideas, strategies and suggestions that will take your most powerful marketing tool and make it work for you!

120 Minute session - $279 + gst


Our portfolio review offering is great if you find your self with 100's of images after a wedding season but you aren't quite sure which ones would be best to showcase in your portfolio.


Together we will work through all the images and teach you how to curate them so you are always putting your best foot forward when showcasing your work.

120 Minute session - $279 + gst

Our styled shoot offering is one of our most popular service options and we are so glad that we are able to share it with you. We begin with a questionnaire that will allow us, and you, to determine your design style followed by an overall portfolio and website review. From there we will work together to create a styled shoot that will enhance your portfolio offerings whilst creating relationships that suit your personal aesthetic for ease going forward. Images from the shoot can then be sent through to print and online publications, both nationally and internationally, and can be used in your portfolio so you can start attracting your ideal client. Payment options are available on asking.
$3597 + gst