ITS ALL IN THE APPROACH. Your story is beautifully unique and deserves to have a hands-on, teamwork approach to creating your wedding fundamentals. This is exactly what you will receive from the moment you start your journey with us right up until your last guest leaves, thanking you for an amazing evening.


Our signature style is romantic and we are known for our feminine, elegant aesthetic, however, we believe in joyful tears and beauty you can feel and because of this, we are able to work within an array of design requirements to guarantee that your wedding is nothing but you, in your most beautiful translation.


We delight in making you feel genuinely cared about and pride ourselves on truly getting to know you on a personal level while dedicating our efforts to exploring all areas of importance and priority surrounding your event.


Our ability to effortlessly manage countless logistical details while infusing creative design throughout is truly what makes our process different and successful - a feat we've proudly mastered thanks to our international industry experience.


With our vision for originality as well as exquisite attention to the finest details and our incredible passion, we will work closely with you to create an experience that exudes warmth, celebration and love.

WHAT WE CAN OFFER. With a variety of service options available that we’ve fine-tuned over the years, we pride ourselves on knowing exactly what you may need when planning or designing your event. Wedding planning and styling is much more than logistics or choosing romantic florals and amazing linens. It is about creating an atmosphere that evokes emotions and speaks a story. It's about stepping away from “cookie cutter” designs and creating a memory that you will fondly think back on 50 years from now.


With an in-depth process that begins with a meeting to discuss your inspirations, dreams and wishes, we encourage our clients to think beyond standard wedding centerpieces, but to consider a bespoke colour palette, style boards, lighting effects, paper suites and textures all the way to tabletop styling, unique ceiling installations and creative backdrops.  We believe cohesive details and aesthetics are key components to any beautiful design and our experience with texture and sensitivity to colour, guarantees that our advice will always achieve the most memorable of events.


Over the years, we have developed relationships with exceptionally talented, like-minded artisans that we work closely with, to help you make informed decisions about the design and details of your celebration. This gives you peace of mind knowing that we are all here to advise and guide you and ensure that each detail is beautifully put together.


Having been featured in some pretty amazing places as well as being a six-time winner of the Wedding Industry Experts, Best Event Designer in New Zealand with a global placement of 6th worldwide, we believe that these experiences have allowed us the proficiency to curate one-of-a-kind celebrations for the sophisticated bride who appreciates quality and treasures life’s loveliest moments. We are often praised for our unique ideas and seamless designs but most of all we are appreciated by our incredible clientele for our efficiency and willingness to serve above and beyond for each one.